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the more i see, the more i want

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i can’t stop.

after so many moves and waaay too many purges over the last 3 years, i am, yet again, moving in 10 days. hopefully it will be the last for a while.
and because i’ve gotten rid of so much, i am now in a predicament of needing furniture, and have become obsessed as of late. see most recent posts here and here.

rarely do i like to buy anything and leave it as is. or, if i have an idea of what i want, and i can’t afford it or find it, i’ll find a way to re-create something similar, and knowing that it has my own personal touch makes it that much more special.

next DIY? i think this feathered pendant lamp will be it. HEAVEN.

image from apartment therapy.

*after immediately googling feathers, i came across some suppliers, and thought…not only would the lamp be amazing in white, as pictured….but black could be totally sick as well. HEAVEN HEAVEN.


Written by duskinny

January 5, 2009 at 5:39 am